Comments from ICM participants

A great chance for development of research skills, improving communication, language and inter-cultural skills Daria S. (Ukraine)

Impression was really positive, this is a great program!  I will definitely advise it to my friends to be just more insistent. Maksym K. (Ukraine)

I would definitely suggest the program to other students, as this mobility gives a lot of advantages to students, such as getting new knowledge, experience of working in an international environment. It is a well- known program all around the world, so it will also help in future career. Lazzat A. (Kazakhstan)

 The program is very well-organized. I would suggest it to other students. It provides a great opportunity for research and provides a funding for them. All the benefits are linked to the skills obtained from the research which was well organized by our professors. Inkar M. (Kazakhstan)

 Overall having an opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ Mobility is crucial for me and it helped me to open my horizons while working with the professors. Kymbat M. (Kazakhstan)

 It is a great opportunity for students all over the world to get an academic experience in different fields of study, to share their own experience, to get an opportunity for future careers in academy, to meet new people and meet new culture. The academic level of the University is good, the staff is interested in what they are doing and always ready to help you.  Yerkezhan K. (Kazakhstan)