Comments from past Erasmus students


Organization of studies at the Agricultural University of Athens is very flexible for Erasmus people. The choices of class are satisfying and the relationship with teachers is excellent. Baptiste L. (France)

A full academic life that combines in a manner realistic and actual the science, culture and research. Ioana-DanielaB. (Romania)

My Erasmus experience at the Agricultural University of Athens has stretched my mind in new directions. I was pleasantly surprised by the academic level. Filip K. (Czech Republic)

The Agricultural University of Athens offered me various types of courses, professors were very helpful and reliable and they impressed me with their way of thinking about life. Deja M. (Slovenia)

Through Erasmus, I changed someways of my thinking and I started feeling as a European citizen. Europe is not so huge anymore because I have colleagues in Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland… These countries are now very close to my Poland. Mateusz C. (Poland)

I will advise people from my University to participate in the Erasmus programme, especially to go to a country which is different to ours, like Greece, so that they learn about a culture which is worth finding out about. Ewelina R. (Poland)

Students and professors are friendly and more open to each other than in my country. The courses were interesting and I enjoyed learning here. Magdalena B. (Germany)

The academic level in the Agricultural University of Athens is very good because lecturers seem to be experts in their field of knowledge. I am very happy I had the opportunity to see how organization of studies works in another University. Martyna S. (Poland)

My laboratory work has been very productive and I have got the most out of it! Carmen Priscila C.R. (Spain)